New book: The Cockney Who Sold the Alps by Alan McNee

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of The Cockney Who Sold the Alps: Albert Smith and the Ascent of Mont Blanc by Alan McNee.

Albert Smith is one of the most famous Victorians of whom you’ve probably never heard. During his lifetime, he was a household name, thrilling audiences with his Ascent of Mont Blanc show at London’s Egyptian Hall. An inveterate showman, Smith was also a doctor, journalist, raconteur, novelist, travel writer, and playwright. His many talents were outstripped only by his boundless self-belief and … Read More

New edition of Sowing the Wind by Eliza Lynn Linton

We’re very pleased to announce a new edition of Eliza Lynn Linton’s Sowing the Wind. It’s Linton’s most sensational novel, with a heady mix of miscegenation, inheritance, madness, and croquet.

Our edition includes a critical introduction by Deborah T. Meem and Kate Holterhoff, explanatory footnotes, and additional contextual material.

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Victorian Secrets also publishes Eliza Lynn Linton’s The Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland.

New ebook edition of Seventy Years a Showman

We’re pleased to announce a new ebook edition of Lord George Sanger’s extraordinary memoirs, Seventy Years a Showman. Sanger was one of the nineteenth century’s most flamboyant figures, and he recalls the remarkable events of a life populated by learned pigs, clairvoyant ponies, and equestrian baboons.

In her new introduction, Catherine Pope reveals how Sanger’s death was as spectacular and surprising as one of his circus shows.

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