New critical edition of The Beth Book by Sarah Grand

We’re thrilled to have published a new critical edition of Sarah Grand’s The Beth Book, edited by Jenny Bourne Taylor. As far as we’re concerned, this is one of the most important novels of the nineteenth century (and actually Catherine’s favourite).

First published in 1897, The Beth Book – Being a Study from the Life of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure, a Woman of Genius, is a semi-autobiographical novel offering a portrait of the artist as a young woman. Grand’s compelling story recounts in vivid detail the childhood of her young heroine, Beth, a spirited and intelligent girl who challenges … Read More

New critical edition of Grania by Emily Lawless

We’re very pleased to announce a new edition of Grania by Emily Lawless, edited by Michael O’Flynn.

First published in 1892, Grania is the story of a fisherman’s daughter from the Islands of Aran, off the coast of Galway. Grania O’Malley’s life is circumscribed by family duty and her destiny as wife to her feckless fiancé, Murdough Blake. When she realises he wants her only for her money and property, Grania rejects him in favour of heroism, although with tragic consequences.

With her unique poetic style, Emily Lawless evokes a vivid picture of island life, with its unforgiving … Read More

New critical edition of Not Wisely, but Too Well

We’re delighted to have published a new critical edition of Rhoda Broughton’s Not Wisely, but Too Well, edited by Tamar Heller. This is not only a good read, but also a very important novel in terms of literary censorship, as Broughton was obliged to “expunge it of coarseness” before it could be published. Notwithstanding the extensive editorial changes, Broughton’s novel remains a pioneering portrayal of female sexuality, or what Geraldine Jewsbury called “highly coloured & hot blooded passion”.

The original and shocking conclusion is included in the appendices, along with details of other revisions, and … Read More

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